How to play Panopticon – version 1


The internet is a wonderful place full of exciting content and incredible people. Anything is possible isn’t it? Buy anything, learn anything, play anything and share anything with anyone around the globe.  It’s the virtual air that we breathe and it surrounds us all the time. But who controls it? Who watches us?

Game for 3-6 players. For ages 8 and up
Time to play is 1 – 2 hours.

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First playing of Panopticon game on 1st December 2013


First playing of Lego Panopticon prototype took place at Brighton Crypto Party – Lighthouse. It wasn’t hard to find six willing players – all eagerly reading the slightly fussy-looking 2 page printout of the rules. Overall it went down well. The experience left quite an impression on me and has opened up some interesting questions about the nature of games and the roles we play in life too and how much these are games we play.

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