Based in Brighton, UK, Maf’j is an interactive artist, front-end developer and lead digital designer for Aptivate, a non-profit organisation that specialise in developing participatory, low-bandwidth websites and applications for international development clients such as WaterAid and WWF.

Currently in her second year of a Digital Media Arts Masters at Brighton University in collaboration with Lighthouse, Maf’j develops digitally enhanced physical games such as Rootbeans – a game that asks people what matters in a playful way. Her work explores issues of data, complexity, non-linearity, power and control in collective action, irrationality, trauma and participation.

Maf’j is a qualified adult education teacher and has led courses and workshops in Web design and development  as well as running discovery sessions and developing educational programmes for school children for Creative Parnerships. She has worked with school groups on various projects run by Campbell Works.

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Co-founder of the Chokepoint Project, a non-profit organisation that collects, analyses and reports on data relating to network neutrality and civil rights in the digital domain, Chris was recently resident at the Lighthouse Studio in Brighton focusing on surveillance, censorship & privacy issues. He met Mafj at Lighthouse and after discussing ideas for #cryptokids together, they hatched “Lego Panopticon”.

Organiser of Brighton CryptoFestival, he has been involved with CryptoParties in Berlin, Luxembourg and the UK as well as contributing to the CryptoParty Handbook.

Chris has run participatory events, workshops and training sessions in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK and is a member of the supporters council of the Open Rights Group.

He is a certified trainer on safe Internet use to kids and teens for BEE SECURE, a joint initiative of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy & Foreign Trade, Ministry of Family & Integration and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Blog: cataspanglish  Twitter: @cataspanglish  PGP: 0x2C3196C5